XF40-V Explosion Protected Varifocal Analogue Fixed Camera Station
  • XF40-V Explosion Protected Varifocal Analogue Fixed Camera Station
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The XF40 is an explosion-protected fixed camera station designed for use in hazardous areas in onshore, offshore, marine and heavy industrial environments.
It is constructed from electropolished 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection and is fitted as standard with a sunshield and an integral thermostatically controlled heater element.
It can be specified with an integral wiper and is compatible with the Oxalis XWP pressurised washer system operated via the XF40’s integral multi-protocol telemetry receiver card.
Fitted as standard is a 600TVL 5-50mm varifocal camera with other lens options on request.
The XF40 can be specified as an option with an integral Oxalis X-NET integral SM/MM fibre optic transmitter which can be used in conjunction with cabinet mounted optical reciever cards and X-Stream IP Encoders if required.
It can also be utilised with a range of Oxalis enclosures and control panels (Ex e, Ex d and safe area options) for termination or for the installation of power supplies, powered devices and transmission equipment.
The XF40 can be used in conjunction with Oxalis video management solutions but is designed to be compatible with most common Video Management Systems to meet customer requirement.

Explosion Protected for use in Onshore, Offshore, Marine & Heavy Industrial Applications
Varifocal Camera -600TVL with standard 5-50mm varifical lens (options available)
0.0001 Lux Minimum Illumination (Sens-Up)
Integral SM/MM Fibre Transmitter Option
All Electro-polished 316L Stainless Steel Construction
Integral Wiper Option
Optional Ex Washer Tank
24VAC Input Voltage
Integral Multi-Protocol Telemetry Receiver


Certified Part Number
1410-06 / 1410-15 (with wiper)

Area Classification
Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 (ATEX / IECEx / INMETRO) / Class 1, Zone 1 (North America and Canada cLCus)

Equipment Coding (ATEX)
II 2 G Ex d op pr IIC T4 (T5 & T6 Available on Request) II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP6x

Equipment Coding (IECEx)
Ex d IIC T4/5* -60°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C Gb Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db IP6x

Equipment Coding (INMETRO)
Ex d IIC T4/5* -60°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C Gb Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db IP66/67

Equipment Coding (US - LCus)
Class 1 Zone 1 AEx d IIC T4/5* LC13A11396 Gb -60°C ≤Ta ≤ +60°C

Equipment Coding (Canada - cLC)
Ex d IIC T4/5* LC1311396 -60°C ≤Ta ≤ +60°C

Equipment Coding (China – CNEX)
Ex d IIC T4/T5/T6 GB / Ex d IIIC 135°C Db IP6X

Equipment Coding (Class – DIV)
Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D, -60°C≤Ta≤60°C / Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G

Certificate Number (ATEX)
ITS08ATEX15950X / ITS08ATEX15927X

Certificate Number (IECEx)
IECEx ITS 10.0053X / IECEx ITS 10.0063X

Certificate Number (INMETRO)
TUV 12.1080 / TUV 12.1081

Certificate Number (US – LCus)
11396 – 1S – UL

Certificate Number (Canada – cLC)
11396 – 1S - CSA

Certificate Number (Russia – GOST-R)

Certificate Number (India – CCE)

Certificate Number (China – CNEX)
132.2980X / 13.2981X

Certificate Number (Class – DIV)
11671 – 1S

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